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Pet Policy

We are one of the few remaining pet friendly camp grounds. To make sure everyone has a comfortable and safe stay please follow the guidelines below for our pet policy:

  •  Maximum of 2 dogs/cats allowed per site.

  • There is native wildlife at our park as well, so please keep your pets on a leash at all times.

  • Pets are STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED in any communal facility at any time. 

  • Any mess made must be removed and disposed of immediately. 

  • Please make sure your pet is not unattended and causing a nuisance for other campers. 

  • All pet owners, whether you have expressly agreed or not, assume all liability regarding your pet being on our premises and indemnify us against all and any damages, all or any claims or other suits that may arise as a result of your pet being in our park.

A copy of this policy must be signed during check in process. 

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